On-line tickets for individual concerts are available at the links below.  After on-line sales close a few hours before each concert, tickets will be available at the door starting 30 minutes before the concert.

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2019-20 Season of Opposites:

Fall Concert "North and South of the Border"

Vive la Canadienne (1994)            Donald Coakley

Quebec Folk Fantasy (1956)         Howard Cable
                                                          Arr. Duthoit

Royce Hall Suite (1952)                 Healey Willan
      III. Rondo                                     Arr. Teague

Three Folk Miniatures (1986)         Andre Jutras

Snake Fence Country                    Howard Cable


The Pathfinder of Panama (1915)  John Philip Sousa
                                                           Arr. Byrne

Dos Danzas Latinas (2015)            Andre Waignein

Huapango (1950)                            Jose Pablo Moncayo

                                                           Arr. Leroy Osmon

Summer Nights (2016)                    Robert W. Smith

Winter Concert "Old vs New"

Program coming soon

Spring Concert "Serious Music – And Not So Much"

Program coming soon